Island spring cleaning

07 May 2024 | Aktualności, News

The islands in the LIFE.VISTULA.PL project have mostly been designed and built to serve the birds for many decades. Although they are robust structures, they require annual care. In addition to inspections by ornithologists who monitor the number of birds nesting on the islands, cleaning of the surface of the islands is necessary.

The LIFE project team with members of the Upper Silesian Ornithological Circle carried out a spring ‘clean-up’ of the Bird Barrel on the Goczałkowice Reservoir, removing material carried by birds throughout the previous year. The rushes on the island on Zakol A near Zator were also mowed. Clumps of grass overgrowing the gravel beaches were torn out to make the islands attractive to common terns, which prefer unplanted gravel substrate.


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