Project goals

The main objective of the project is to protect and improve the conservation status of important habitats of water-marsh birds, in particular: night heron Nycticorax nycticorax and common tern Sterna hirundo.

The project assumes an improvement in the habitat status of about 100% of the national population of night heron and about 7% of the population of the national common tern. This goal will be achieved through:


  • improving the habitat and behavior of nesting birds islands located in breeding ponds, container Goczałkowicki and gravel by securing islands being periodic flooding, and thus dissolving edges,
  • improving the habitat of birds on breeding ponds by securing pond infrastructure,
  • improving the knowledge about the habitats used by night monitors for their effective protection,
  • regulating tourist traffic and making rational access to four Natura 2000 sites covered by the project,
  • dissemination of methods of nature protection in the economic use of artificial water reservoirs.
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