Main threats to conservation objects in Natura 2000

Main threats to conservation objects in Natura 2000 areas included in the LIFE.VISTULA.PL project:

  • discontinuation or change of use of breeding ponds;
  • liquidation of islands on the ponds and cutting out shrubs;
  • liquidation of rushes and aquatic vegetation on the ponds,
  • destroying the shores of islands with bird colonies by rippling water, causing a reduction in the breeding area.
  • changing the purpose of ponds from breeding to recreational ponds;
  • storage of mining waste in river valleys;
  • predation on the part of animals such as: fox, boar, raccoon, American mink, raccoon dog;
  • various forms of activity and rest causing scaring birds and reducing breeding success,
  • among others fishing, canoeing, hang gliding, quad driving, recreation on water reservoirs;
  • hunting conducted in August within the complexes of breeding ponds, which may cause accidental killing of birds, injuries, scaring or loss of broods in the case of the presence of young birds on the ponds.
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