Main activities

Protection of dikes and islands on breeding ponds

Selected dams have been selected on selected ponds, which will be strengthened by supplementing land losses with soil, additional reinforcements, profiling and hardening. The works will be carried out in autumn and spring, when it is possible to shut down the production ponds for a few months and to dry them.

Securing the island on the Goczałkowice Reservoir

The shores of the island will be secured in such a way that strong waves, floating ice floes and high damming levels on the Reservoir will not damage them and will not cause flooding of the island. The island will be emerging even at the highest water levels.

Securing islands on gravel pits

To carry out this operation, the islands located on two gravel pitches Zakole A and Zakole B in the Natura 2000 area Dolina Dolnej Skawy were selected. The method of securing them will be developed during the implementation of the task.

Sewerage of tourist traffic

  • Construction of an observation tower over the Goczałkowice Reservoir and designation and construction of a car park.
  • Construction of parking spaces for cars, turrets and waiting rooms for bird watching on breeding ponds.
  • Construction on the south side of the Goczałkowicki Reservoir, two piers for anglers.
  • Selection and marking of routes available for tourists on the area of breeding ponds.

Identification of feeding habitats of night blind

As part of this activity, the feeding place of the night blind will be identified, assessed and prepared for active activities. To do this, ornithologists will equip adult birds breeding and young specimens, telemetry transmitters (GPS / GSM).

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