We are building the bird watching tower

28 Oct 2022 | News

We are preparing for building the bird watching tower in the place of the old pumping station (in Wisła Mała). The tower will allow to observe birds nesting on the Bird’s Barrel – an island for wetland birds in the Goczałkowicki Reservoir. Next to the tower there will also be a car park with an exit from the provincial road.

The location where the tower is built is a place commonly used by anglers. In addition, the newly created facilities will serve as an observation point for services that play key roles in the protection and proper management of the reservoir. The police will be able to monitor poaching activities and the State Fishing Guard – to control the fishing economy (thanks to which the appropriate water quality is maintained). To the State Fire Service the tower will facilitate an observation point of potential life-threatening situations and taking rescue actions. Górnośląskie Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągów S.A. in Katowice, as the reservoir administrator, will be able to use the point to monitor its condition in the area of ​​the Vistula estuary, it is particularly important because the water level on the reservoir changes many times during the year. After heavy rainfall, the river lifts increased amounts of sediment and other elements, e.g. tree limbs.

We hope that the tower will be on the map of attractions of the Pszczyna poviat at the end of the year.

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