Project Monitor Visit

08 Oct 2020 | News

For the third time, the places related to the implementation of the LIFE.VISTULA.PL project were visited by the Project Monitor, Mr. Stanisław Tworek, who supervises the project on behalf of the European Commission. The visit took place on October 7 and 8.

The first day of the visit was a field inspection, which was helped by favorable weather. On the Zakole A gravel reservoir near Zator, Monitor together with a project team inspected the island, where special beaches for the river tern were created last year. Additionally, in places exposed to progressive erosion, the island’s shores are planned to be strengthened.

The second part of the field inspection was a visit to the Goczałkowice Lake from the Wisła Wielka side, where the construction of an island for birds is currently underway. All participants of the meeting were keenly interested in the engineering solutions adopted here, because building a bird island on a dam reservoir does not happen often.

On the second day of the visit, the project team met at the office of the Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection in Krakow, where the documentation was checked and the progress of implementation of individual activities was discussed. Due to the significant increase in the prices of services on the market and the situation related to COVID-19, possible changes in the schedule and methods of performing some tasks were also considered.

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