Four floating piers have been built on Goczałkowickie Lake

17 Nov 2023 | Aktualności, News

Four floating platforms have been put into operation on the “Silesian Sea”. The platforms were built in mind with the reservoir staff and emergency services, as well as anglers, ornithologists and nature lovers. This is another tourist attraction made in the reservoir area under the LIFE.VISTULA.PL project.

Two piers were built in Wisla Mala near the observation tower, which was put into operation at the beginning of the year. A paved path leads to these platforms. Another two platforms are located on the southern bank of the reservoir near the pumping station in Zarzecze.

The cost of building the installations, along with the construction of a feeder path in Wisła Mala, is about PLN 450,000.

– The construction of the piers is another stage in the implementation of the LIFE.VISTULA.PL project for activities aimed at regulating tourist traffic in the Natura 2000 area – Upper Vistula Valley. As part of these works, other elements of tourist infrastructure were built, i.e. a viewing tower in Wisła Mała and a bird watching room at the Barzyniec pond in Ochaby,” says Mirosława Mierczyk-Sawicka, Regional Director for Environmental Protection in Katowice.

– The bridges will serve multiple functions and were built with anglers, ornithologists and tourists in mind, among others. The structures have already passed the necessary technical inspections and can be used, which we encourage you to do,” the director stresses.

The piers have been equipped with a system by which they will rise as the water level in the reservoir changes, up to the maximum water level of 257 meters above sea level. This is done using steel piles filled with concrete and anchored deep into the bottom. The piers will move on specially prepared guides, so there is no danger of flooding.


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