Landscape Day 2019

24 Oct 2019 | News

This year’s Landscape Day was another opportunity to promote the LIFE.VISTULA.PL project. The theme of the celebration was water in the landscape.

Landscape day is celebrated on October 20. As part of the Silesian celebrations of this Day, the Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection in Katowice invited nature lovers to the reserve located within the Natura 2000 Łężczok Ponds area. The landscape walk, thanks to the beautiful weather and commitment of the organizers, gathered as many as 70 people this year, including many families with children.

In recent years, the Rudy Raciborz Forest District executed a project in the Łężczok nature reserve consisting in securing bird habitats on breeding ponds. The LIFE.VISTULA.PL project assumes similar tasks, which is why we watch with interest how the ponds (islands, dykes) as well as the bird habitats will look after the renovation in the reserve.
On the ponds in Łężczok, which are in the Oder valley, similar to the assumptions of the LIFE.VISTULA.PL project, islands with beaches for common tern were prepared, which were settled in the first season.

The design team was actively involved in organizing the walk. Its coordinator, Damian Czechowski, played the role of one of the guide-educators. The participants of the walk became acquainted with the project assumptions and planned tasks. During the walk there was also information about the night heron and the common tern. Attention was also drawn to the important issue of maintaining fisheries management, without which the ponds would not be attractive to birds.

After the walk, the participants received materials promoting the LIFE.VISTULA.PL project.

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