Greylag gooses on the ponds

29 May 2023 | News

The islands, strengthened as part of the LIFE.VISTULA.PL project, have a larger area after reconstruction. More space is also used by other species of birds, not only night herons or common terns, whose protection was the main goal. Black-headed gulls and ducks also like to use a safe nesting place, and the greylag goose is the first beneficiary of these islands.

This native goose starts laying eggs as early as March, even before the arrival of night herons. Young geese hatch synchronously and immediately after hatching they swim in the pond together with their parents. Capturing the moment of greylag hatching is a unique and rare moment.

It is worth knowing that many thousands of years ago the greylag goose was domesticated, giving rise to the domestic goose. Greylag is the largest representative of wild geese and the most common species of geese in Europe. It is the subject of protection in the Natura 2000 area Dolina Górnej Wisły PLB240001, in Poland it is a game species.


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