Follow the night herons!

26 Feb 2021 | News

Karolina, Wojtek, Olga – these are just some of the names given by ornithologists to selected night herons nesting in the Upper Vistula Valley. The birds were equipped with special transmitters. Now everyone can check the location of birds on the website of the LIFEVISTULA.PL project.

Tracking the flight paths of birds is now possible thanks to a special application. They can be viewed on a special website, where we can find the routes of movement of 10 individuals equipped with GPS / GSM transmitters, which transmit the bird’s location several times a day.

Today, birds are still in wintering grounds, some in southern Europe and others – in sub-Saharan Africa. We recently informed about exactly where the birds winter on the project website.
Thanks to this modern technology, we can also get to know the feeding places of night herons during the breeding season in the Upper Vistula Valley. This element of knowledge is necessary to conduct comprehensive protection of the night heron under the LIFEVISTULA.PL project.

You can see how the birds moved by enlarging the map, and best by viewing the flight routes of individual birds. The ornithologists from the Upper Silesian Ornithological Circle are the first to obtain these data in Europe, therefore the research is pioneering.

The aim of the LIFEVISTULA.PL project, coordinated by the Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection in Katowice, is to protect the habitats of wetland birds, especially night herons and common terns, in the Upper Vistula Valley.

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