Agreements signed!

09 Jan 2020 | News

Execution of the LIFE.VISTULA.PL project is entering the next phase. After restoring the gravel beaches at the gravel pits in the Lower Skawa Valley, it was also time to work on the Goczałkowice Reservoir and breeding ponds. The RDEP in Katowice has just signed two contracts in this matter.

The first contract covers preparation of the technical design and then securing the islands on the Goczałkowice Reservoir. The facility will be erected in a place where islands form every year during low water levels, on which common terns and black-headed gulls nest. During spring and summer rainfall, these islands, together with bird nests, are flooded by rainwater. Thanks to the planned tasks, the birds will be able to safely breed broods. The restoration works should be completed by the end of this year.

The second agreement concerns the preparation of project documentation for the task of securing dykes and islands on breeding ponds. The work includes the preparation of documentation for 12 water bodies located in the, Bielsko, Cieszyn, Pszczyna and Oświęcim powiats. The documentation will allow the selection of contractors to secure bird habitats on breeding ponds to proceed.

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