A visit of Czech naturalists

19 Nov 2018 | News

In November 2018, on the initiative of the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic, the LIFE.VISTULA.PL project team hosted naturalists from the Czech Republic. The purpose of the visit was to exchange experience in the preparation and implementation of LIFE projects
The Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic, which is the National Contact Point of the LIFE program, is implementing the LIFE 14 CAP / CZ / 0001 Czech LIFE project. The employees of the National

Contact Point provide information and consultation services for applicants applying for grants and inform the public about the results of the LIFE program. Zahraniční cesta za wymenou zkušenosti is one of the activities of the Czech LIFE, under which the ministry organizes trips abroad for the beneficiaries of projects financed from funds from the Financial Instrument LIFE. The purpose of these visits is to establish contacts and exchange experiences related to both the preparation and implementation of projects, which in the assumptions have protection of nature and the environment in various countries of the European Union.

Among the guests to whom the team members had the pleasure to bring closer the details of the most important tasks to be implemented and to share with the experiences from the writing stage, there were representatives of non-governmental organizations, state institutions responsible for nature conservation and local governments. The program of the meeting also included a tour of the fish ponds in Ochaba, located in the Natura 2000 area of the Upper Vistula Valley. These ponds contain willows overgrown with willows, from which, from April to October, one can watch the night blinds, one of the two species of birds covered by the LIFE16 NAT / PL / 000766 project. Protection of the habitats of wetland birds in the Upper Vistula Valley.

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