Where are the night herons …

12 Feb 2019 | News

Spring is outside our windows, but it is still quite a long way from the calendar one. Have our “project” species already set off on the long way back to their breeding grounds in Poland?

The planned arrival date of the flagship LIFE.VISTULA.PL project species, or night herons, is March. At the moment, the birds are still in Africa, or maybe they are already in the process of migration? We do not know for sure, but do we hope that in the next years our knowledge will be more precise. Thanks to these tasks, we will be able to explore not only the feeding grounds of night herons, but also the routes of their autumn and spring flights. The second species included in the project – common terns – are probably still gaining strength at their wintering grounds off the coast of western or southern Africa. We expect their arrival in April.

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