The observation tower for bird watching at the Goczałkowice Reservoir ceremonially opened

27 Apr 2023 | News

The observation tower for bird watching at the Goczałkowice Reservoir was ceremonially opened. The official ribbon-cutting ceremony took place on April 25 as part of the Earth Day celebrations organized by the Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection in Katowice. Thus, the third breeding season of birds on the artificial island on Lake Goczałkowickie, the so-called “Bird’s Barrel” was officially started.

The observation tower with a view of the “Silesian sea” is located directly on the provincial road No. 939 between Wisła Wielka and Strumień. The location of the tower is not accidental, it is in Wisła Mała, near the mouth of the Vistula River to the Goczałkowicki Reservoir, that the best view of the “Ptasia Beczka” island and the mountain landscape extends. The platform was built as part of the LIFE.VISTULA.PL project and was put into use at the beginning of the new year.

The creation of tourist infrastructure, under which a car park with an exit from the provincial road and a gazebo by the tower were built in the vicinity of the observation point, implements one of the key tasks of the project and is intended to educate about the protection of common tern and night heron in the Upper Vistula Valley through direct and active contact with nature.

Bird Earth Day was continued during the conference on the LIFE VISTULA project, which took place at the Municipal and Communal Cultural Center in Strumień. During the lecture, the main activities carried out under the project were presented, and the results and successes of the monitoring of breeding colonies of common tern, night heron and black-headed gull were presented so far. As part of the lecture, the place of the lookout tower on the map of tourist attractions of the Pszczyna commune and the Pszczyna poviat was also discussed.

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