Master night heron grip

03 Jul 2023 | News

The Upper Vistula Valley to an increasingly popular area visited by ornithologists.

The annual trip of bird watchers and photographers called “In the Land of Night Heron” in June resulted in a unique recording. As usual, the participants visited a well-known place under the bridge over the Vistula river in Drogomyśl, where you can conveniently take pictures of night herons. Most of the shots are birds on stones in the river current. In this place, there is also an old fish pass with a worn mesh, which is not attractive as an element of the photographic frame. As it turned out, there you can record something unprecedented. A night heron that catches a jumping chub in flight and holds it in a strong grip in its beak is a phenomenal shot that no one has ever managed to take. Such pictures of bears catching salmon in flight in Alaska are widely known, and our night heron is also a match for them.

Adam Jankowski noticed this way of hunting night heron on the Vistula River in Drogomyśl.

It was also there that the next day of night heron feeding was determined:

Foraging night heron

Foraging night heron 1

The photo shows how another species of fish – an overgrown bleak – falls prey to the night heron in the same place. Fishermen can also be satisfied with such behavior, because as you can see, night herons nesting on islands in ponds also feed outside ponds and catch fish species that are not bred.

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