Great egrets on the ponds

04 Dec 2023 | Aktualności, News

Fish harvesting is underway at ponds in Landek. As part of LIFE.VISTULA.PL there has been renovated an island, where night herons once nested.

These birds have already flown off to their southern wintering grounds, in Algeria and the Sahel zone. Instead, at this time of year their place on the pond is taken by great egrets, which arrive at the ponds in the Upper Vistula Valley from the south, from breeding grounds in Austria, Hungary and Romania. Here in the shallow water of the ponds they have excellent conditions for feeding. As you can see, they do not catch the large fish that fishermen have bred, but prefer smaller perches. On the Łężny pond on one day in November there were as many as 154 great egrets. We hope that in summer the night herons will take their place and proceed to breed on the renovated island.


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