Construction progres

09 Nov 2020 | News

The construction of an island for birds on Lake Goczałkowickie has entered the next phase. The walls forming the outline of the island are ready. Now it’s time to fill them out.

Inside the walls, there is a ring from which special steel ropes extend to stabilize the structure. Thanks to them, the entire island now resembles a bicycle wheel.
Currently, the contractor has started work related to reclamation – carrying sand and gravel from the bottom of the lake with special pipes. The material collected in this way will fill the construction.

Before proceeding to this stage, divers searched the bottom to catch mussels that could die while collecting sand and gravel. Mainly Unio tumidus, the swollen river mussel, were caught – which is an indicator species and reacts to changes in the environment. In addition, at the bottom of the lake live also an invasive species – Sinanodonta woodiana, the Chinese pond mussel.
The construction of the island will be completed by the end of November.

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